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The Descriptive Essay Topics for College Chronicles

The Descriptive Essay Topics for College Chronicles Essay writing comes in various forms. Writing a descriptive essay isn't particularly tough. Writing of the descriptive essay can be rather challenging. Descriptive Narrative Essay Example may be used mainly to recreate an occasion. Each of these forms of paper is owned by the category of informative essay. Be sure you recognize the assignment properly. Therefore, here are a few basic tips to aid you in writing of good descriptive essay. The principal issue to be mindful about in personal descriptive essay is that there shouldn't be any over-exaggeration. There are various types of essays but among all descriptive essays are regarded as the simplest one since it is about more of personal experiences and there's no need to have an in-depth researchwhich permits the writer to conserve lots of time and he doesn't get stuck in technicality. Such essays shall have a good deal of quotations, based just on facts and laws, and show no more than the actual picture of the instance. When you choose the topic which suits you most, remember the reason you write your essay, concentrate on the most crucial details to tell about in your text and don't neglect the significance of senses and feelings in your essay. Basical ly, you merely pick a topic that is simpler for you so you can paint palpable pictures in the mind of the reader. For example, let's say if you're writing about language history essay than you are going to have to incorporate all of the information regarding the history language on the planet irrespective of any specific region while in specific language history essay, you would speak about history of the language of a certain region. In fact, there are many descriptive essay topics out there that it's rather difficult to choose only one. Contrary to other objective essays it not only provides the huge picture but in addition provides the inside specifics of the scenario. A descriptive essay is the initial step to the exemplary amount of language proficiency. Like every assignment, it has a specific purpose. It is an essay that is bound to provide some sort of detailed information on a certain subject. A superior descriptive essay comes out of a knowledgeable and imaginative mind. Students have to be in a position to describe their environment properly, which is precisely why researching topics for a descriptive essay will bring them on the correct track to rate their learning approach. Consequently, they can come up with different thesis for different themes to write essays on hamlet. Before they select their topics, they should be aware of the required length. Most college students, however, tend to select a topic they are enthusiastic about and create the essay have substantive info. The stories written by the very best American and British authors act as the ideal narrative essay examples too. Following are a few of the advised sociology essay topic for those students that are unable to decide on a great topic for their assignment. The sort of essays can be challenging and time-consuming, and is the main reason why most students decide to find descriptive essay writing help from online platforms. If it comes to write engineering essay for those students that are studying in electrical engineering school becomes confused since they are engineers and not the writers. Therefore, the above told six position essay topics can help you compose a great piece to position essay, but be sure whatever topic you're selecting isn't hard to understand and on which you are in possession of a good expertise, otherwise you won't be in a position to create sturdy arguments. There are 20 topics below that could be helpful for you. The topic also needs to be the one which provides the students sufficient to write on. For a student in the center school the typical topics are associated with science and history.

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The Role Of Trpm2 Channels On Diabetes - 2798 Words

PSL452H1F (Dr. Feng) Term Paper (Due on November 15, 2014) Topic : The role of TRPM2 channels in diabetes TRPM2, its Biophysical Properties as Potential Therapeutic Drugs for Diabetes Mellitus Yunjong Han, 997267443 Introduction Diabetes mellitus (DM) is considered as a metabolic disorder and is the condition, abnormality in blood glucose level (usually high glucose in blood) due to problems in insulin secretion from the pancreatic ÃŽ ²-cells or insulin insensitivity of the insulin receptors on insulin sensitive tissues (Aathria Jain 2014; Liamis et al. 2014; Silverthorn 2010). There are two types of diabetes; type 1 and type 2. Patients with type 1 DM have problem with insulin secretion from their pancreatic ÃŽ ²-cells and patients with†¦show more content†¦2007). TRPM channel is melastatin-related receptor and is the subfamily of TRP (Transient Receptor Potential) ion channel (Harteneck 2005). There are several functional TRPM members; TRPM1 to TRPM8 (Harteneck 2005). This paper mainly focuses on TRPM2 channels. TRPM2 is known to be involved in insulin secretion from pancreatic ÃŽ ²- cells (Faouzi Penner 2014). TRPM2 is a Ca2+-permeable channel and it is activated by various molecules but it usually regulates intracellular Ca2+ concentration, which is important for other downstream cascades (Sumoza- Toledo Penner 2014). TRPM2 is also found various tissues in the body but especially it is found inpancreatic ÃŽ ²-cells of the islets of Langerhans (Sumoza- Toledo Penner 2014). Therefore, TRPM2 activation and inactivation may affect insulin secretion in the pancreatic cells and discovery of TRPM2 related pharmacological molecules might be helpful to treat diabetes mellitus. Molecular and Biophysical Properties of TRPM2 TRPM2 is a member of TRPM subfamily. TRPM2 channel have six putative transmembrane proteins with C-terminal and N-terminal (Figure 1; Fleig Penner 2004; Jiang et al. 2010). TRPM2 channels form homomultimer (homotetramers), Yunjong Han, 997267443 ! 2 which have four subunits of six transmembrane proteins (S1 to S6, 24- transmembrane in

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Criminal Court A Look At Prosecutorial Waivers - 846 Words

Transfer of Juveniles to Criminal Court: A Look at Prosecutorial Waivers The purpose of this review is to provide an informative summary of the already existing literature that examines prosecutorial waivers within the juvenile justice system and the controversy surrounding its exclusive use by prosecutors. A brief history of how the waiver came about and an overview of the waiver process in its various forms are provided. As well as a study conducted in Michigan pertaining to the use of prosecutorial waiver statutes. The aim of this paper is to review the facts surrounding prosecutorial waivers and examine past and present reform methods for juvenile offenders. In addition, an examination of the intended goals of waiving juveniles to adult criminal court is important to note because these goals should be in agreeance with the founding notions of the juvenile justice system. The necessity for development of a separate court system designed for punishing juvenile offenders came about with the idea that juveniles are â€Å"less culpable† than adult o ffenders, and therefore more adaptable to rehabilitation from their delinquent misbehavior. Building on this idea, juvenile court was established to offer intervention, rehabilitation, and protective supervision for young offenders, unlike the general idea of criminal courts aimed at punishing, incapacitating, and generating retribution. (Bishop Frazier, 1991) However, from the beginning, provisions were made to exclude someShow MoreRelatedTrying Juveniles as Adults Essay1312 Words   |  6 Pagesit is designed and up to the initial intentions, the juvenile court balances rehabilitation (treatment) of the offender with suitable sanctions when necessary such as incarceration. According to Griffin (2008) in some cases juveniles may be required to be â€Å"transferred† to adult court. In this paper I am going to discuss the three primary mechanisms of waiver to adult court: judicial waiver laws, statutory exclusion laws, and prosecutorial discretion or concurrent jurisdiction laws. Furthermore, I willRead MorePlea Bargaining And Prosecutorial Discretion1112 Words   |  5 PagesPlea bargaining and prosecutorial discretion are two crucial components in criminal procedure. The prosecution has leverage over which charges they wish to pursue against a defendant, while the defendant has the choice of adjudication of guilt. Being that time is a critical factor, each party has to weigh the pros and cons before making any decisions. The prosecution aims to enforce the harsher punishment where more time is served, whereas the defendant intends on serving the least time possibleRead MoreThe Decision For Transfer A Youth3437 Words   |  14 Pages The decision to transfer a youth to criminal court is a very sensitive subject to every individual who care about the young ones in society, because it pertains to our youths who are considered to be â€Å"the future.† Many will ask under what circumstances transfer should be allowed. Some believe that the bes t course of action regarding juvenile offenders is not transferring them to criminal court but rehabilitation – these individuals view punishment as a failed strategy for changing behavior, teachingRead MoreThe Decision For Transfer A Youth3815 Words   |  16 Pages The Decision to Transfer a Youth to Criminal Court Barrington Buchanan University of Central Florida The issue of juvenile transfer to criminal court is a very sensitive subject to every individual who care about the young ones in society, because it pertains to our youths who are considered to be â€Å"the future.† Many will ask if it is right for us to allow juveniles to be transferred to adult criminal court, and if so under what circumstances. Some believe that the bestRead MoreThe Issue Of Adult Criminal Justice System Essay2069 Words   |  9 Pagesrt There is no doubt that a juvenile offender who commits a crime should be held accountable for their actions. What the question is should that juvenile face the same crime as if committed by an adult? Should the court consider them equal? Are they just children that are nor fully mature to understand the consequences of their actions or are they young adults that do know right from wrong? The answers to these questions are all over the board with some saying no they shouldn’t be treated like anRead MoreJuvenile Crime Issues in Today’s Criminal Justice System18893 Words   |  76 Pagesconstitutional, statutory, and humanitarian rights that may be threatened by technological advances and other developments:  ©  ©  ©  © chapter 15 Juvenile Justice chapter 16 Drugs and Crime chapter 17 Terrorism and Multinational Criminal Justice chapter 18 The Future of Criminal Justice These individual rights must be effectively balanced against these present and emerging community concerns: Widespread drug abuse among youth The threat of juvenile crime Urban gang violence High-technology, computerRead MoreNational Security Outline Essay40741 Words   |  163 PagesControl in the Nuclear Age 36 Chapter 14: Measures to Reduce Tensions and Prevent War 41 CHAPTER 16: The Law of the Sea 43 CHAPTER 17: The Constitutional Framework for the Division of Nat’l Security Powers Between Congress, the President and the Court 48 The 1973 War Powers Resolution 49 II. The War Powers Resolution: A Debate between JNM and Frederick Tipson 50 CHAPTER 18: The National Security Process 60 CHAPTER 19: intelligence and Counterintelligence 63 CHAPTER 20: Access to InformationRead MoreBurning Down the House: Mortgage Fraud and the Destruction of Residential Neighborhoods11800 Words   |  48 Pagesfrequently, neophyte property investors. 20 In the federal courts, mortgage schemes are charged as bank fraud, 21 mail fraud, 22 and wire fraud 23 and, depending on the specific structure of the scheme, conspiracy to commit bank fraud, 24 money laundering, 25 aggravated identity theft, 26 bankruptcy fraud, 27 and/or false statements. 28 A handful of states have statutes that address mortgage fraud as a specific crime, 29 but in most state courts it is charged, if at all, as theft or grand larceny. Although

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Marketing and Customer Relationship Management

Question: Discuss about the Marketing and Customer Relationship Management. Answer: Introduction The Australian hotel (lodging) industry is selected by me to express the market structures in an adequate and a more extensive way. With regards to financial matters, market structure assumes a noteworthy part to uncover all the significant parts of a market in which a firm or industry works its business. For case, monopoly, oligopoly, duopoly, perfect competition and monopolistic competition are the real sorts of market structures. A business or industry can go from one market to other to fulfill upper hands over the contenders. A monopoly is a market structure where just a single maker delivers a ware. In this kind of market structure, an organization does not have any contenders. The firm has full control over the market due to no other substitute accessible in the market. A duopoly is another type of market structure in which there are just two merchants for an item. Additionally, in an oligopoly structure, a couple firms/procurers give distinctive items/administrations and furth ermore control the entire business. Monopolistic rivalry implies defective rivalry in which numerous makers create separate items from each other. Furthermore, in a perfect competition market structure, many firms/industry pitches a homogeneous item to clients. This research essay assesses the market structures of Australian inn industry in a proper manner. Market structures in the Australian Hotel Industry The Australian inn industry is expansive industry that contributes into the development of the national economy. The Australian inn industry is a noteworthy financial driver at the neighborhood, state and national level. There are around six thousand lodgings inside industry that produce around $14 billion incomes for each year (Cummins, 2016). Moreover, nearby providers have a high extent of the Australian inns that add to create business and upgrade family wage in their groups. The states controls of Australia did not bound any constraint identified with section and exit in the lodging business. It demonstrates that the Australian inn industry makes due into perfect competition market structure. Then again, the distinctive state directions identified with alcohol permitting and EGMs are additionally connected with the market structure of Australian lodging industry (Australian Hotels Association, 2009). The ABS study of the financial year 2005 outlined that New South Wales and Vict oria state hold the high piece of the overall industry inside industry. The beneath graph is useful to demonstrate the aftereffects of overview in a precise way: In addition to this, the number of inhabitants in the country is an imperative variable of the lodging business on account of high populace state has high inn proportion/partake in the market. The directions identified with section and leave, alcohol permitting and EGMs are likewise imperative component of the lodgings share of a country. The enhanced pieces of the pie demonstrate the perfect competition market structure inside the business (Maggon Chaudhry, 2015). Moreover, in the Australian lodging industry, the vast majority of the inns are relatively little size inns because of they hire few workers to work. The Australian lodging industry dependably works its business in exceptionally directed modern condition. Along with this, the administration directions of the Australian lodging industry inn industry are identified with the authorizing of the offer of alcohol and electronic gaming machines (EGMs). As of late, the majority of the states have been allowed EGMs, alcohol serve and gaming operations inside lodgings. These adjustments in the controls significantly affect the structure of the Australian lodging industry in view of directions are obliged at the state level. The Australian inn industry is flawless rivalry as there are vast quantities of controls to work together exercises legitimately (McManus, 2013). In addition to this, alternate states and domains directions identified with the alcohol serving, EGMs and gaming operations in lodgings additionally lead a flawless rivalry industry structure. The ABS review of FY2005 showed that aggregate work in the lodging business was 81,675; that is advanced in the beneath graph: The diagram point towards the normal worker numbers between the states. It likewise shows that the normal number of representatives of little size lodgings is among 41.4 to 27.7. It means the ideal rivalry structure of the inn business as far as size and quantities of work. As far as proprietorship structure, the Australian inn industry is portrayed by autonomous proprietors, little proprietors or establishment association. The little and autonomous proprietors covers around 88% of the business share, while the substantial inn gatherings and huge establishment lodging bunches just covers staying 12% of the business share. This shows the substantial inn bunches don't have control on the general inn industry (Patiar Mia, 2015). The high shares of little and autonomous proprietors indicate distinctive brand names and diverse sorts of administrations as far as quality, size, plan, shading, shape, execution, and highlight offered by the Australian lodgings. The possession structure addit ionally shows the ideal rivalry structure inside the Australian inn industry. Along with this, financing, tourism framework speculation, income unpredictability, and long haul execution are the significant qualities or components that contributed into the development of the inn business in Australia. Additionally, the legislature likewise offers help to the tourism foundation venture. It is a result of visit, travel and lodging industry playa a noteworthy part in the financial development of the country. Income unpredictability and long haul execution arranged organizations are the pointers of consistent development of the lodging business inside country (Cummins, 2016). So, these qualities of the business indicate towards the perfect competition market structure of the Australian hotel industry. Conclusion On the premise of the above discussion, it can be reasoned that, the quantity of lodgings and the share of states indicate that the business has consummate rivalry showcase structure. Besides, the little size, autonomous proprietors, establishment alliance, and so on focus toward the perfect competition structure inside the Australian lodging industry. Alongside this, the country doesnt have directions identified with section or exit in the business. It implies that business firms can enter or leave lodgings whenever they need to do. Furthermore, simple to survey financing, income unpredictability, tourism foundation speculation, and long haul execution, and so on attributes are an indication of perfect rivalry structure in the hotel industry. References Australian Hotels Association. (2009). The Australian Hotels Industry. Retrieved From: https://aha.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/PWC-Hotel-Industry-Report-20092.pdf Cummins, C. (2016). Hotel sector predicts strong growth. Retrieved From: https://www.smh.com.au/business/property/hotel-sector-predicts-strong-growth-20160505-gonht7.html Maggon, M., Chaudhry, H. (2015). Revisiting Relationship Marketing and Customer Relationship Management in Leading Tourism and Hospitality Journals: Research Trends from 2001 to 2013. Journal of Relationship Marketing 14(1), 53-77. McManus, L. (2013). Customer accounting and marketing performance measures in the hotel industry: Evidence from Australia. International Journal of Hospitality Management 33, 140-152. Patiar, A., Mia, L. (2015). Drivers of Hotel Departments' Performance: Evidence From Australia. Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality Tourism 14(3), 316-337.

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Quirino Grandstand Hostage Drama Essay Essay Example

Quirino Grandstand Hostage Drama Essay Paper I. Introduction Although the history of snatch and hostage-taking is a really long one. it is merely comparatively late that there has been a systematic effort to understand the effects. both long-run and short-run. on persons and their households. This is an of import issue for clinical and academic grounds. The advice of mental wellness professionals is sought with increasing frequence with respect to the strategic direction of surety incidents and the clinical direction of those who have been abducted. There is grounds to propose that how best to assist those who have been taken surety is a sensitive and complex affair. and those who deal with such persons should be every bit good informed as possible since such events can hold long-run inauspicious effects. peculiarly on immature kids. We will write a custom essay sample on Quirino Grandstand Hostage Drama Essay specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Quirino Grandstand Hostage Drama Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Quirino Grandstand Hostage Drama Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer The Manila surety crisis. officially known as the Rizal Park hostage-taking incident occurred when a dismissed Philippine National Police officer took over a tourer coach in Rizal Park. Manila. Philippines on August 23. 2010. Disgruntled former senior inspector Rolando Mendoza of the Manila Police District ( MPD ) hijacked a tourer coach transporting 25 people ( 20 tourers and a tour usher from Hong Kong. and four Filipinos ) in an effort to acquire his occupation back. He said that he had been summarily and below the belt dismissed. and that all he wanted was a just hearing and the chance to support himself. Negotiations broke down dramatically about 10 hours into the stand-off. when the constabulary arrested Mendoza’s brother and therefore incited him to open fire. As the shot began. the coach driver managed to get away. and was shown on telecasting stating â€Å"Everyone is dead† before being whisked away by police officers. Mendoza and eight of the sureties were killed and a figure of others injured. The MPD’s failed deliverance effort and gun-battle with the highjacker. which took around 90 proceedingss. were watched by 1000000s on unrecorded telecasting and the cyberspace. The Filipino and Hong Kong authoritiess conducted separate probes into the incident. Both enquiries judged that the victims had been unlawfully killed. and identified the Philippine officials’ hapless handling of the incident as the cause of the eight hostages’ deceases. The assault mounted by the MPD. and the ensuing shoot-out. have been widely criticized by initiates as â€Å"bungled† and â€Å"incompetent† . and the Hong Kong Government has issued a â€Å"black† travel qui vive for the Philippines as a consequence of the matter. II. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY It was August 23. 2010 when the whole universe alarmed in one of the most tragic surety taking happened in Quirino Grandstand Manila. Philippines. Many people were sad and shocked to what happened in the said event. At approximately 9:30 in the forenoon. dismissed committee constabulary officer Rolando Mendoza took surety 25 tourers from Hongkong and some Filipino staff who were in a coach to go forth Fort Santiago for Manila’s Rizal Park. The resulting surety lasted 11 hours and ended with nine persons. including the surety taker. dead. 1 and the other sureties were injured. Harmonizing to the study Mendoza is a hard-working and sort. He received tonss of award for being courageous and loyal to his profession. Mendoza said he was summarily dismissed without the chance to decently support himself. and that all he wanted was a just hearing. 2 and to acquire his occupation back. He did this manner merely to acquire attending the authorities functionary. As we all know Media is the most likely beginning of information for most people. In this sort of state of affairs it is really unsafe occupation for the media because he has to set himself in a topographic point that should be right. 3 but in what happened in the Quirino Grandstand Hostage taking crisis it seem that many media people were blamed because they reported beyond the bound. We are in the fact that a media individual serve as entree of information of issues that are of public concern even if they are at hazard. There were many media oversights in that incident. Towards the eventide of the surety taking. many media webs were covering the surety taking crisis unrecorded. Among none of them did it look to hold occurred to that irresponsible coverage of the event could be lives. 4 Some of them during the surety event reported the unconfirmed information. they revealed the constabulary and military personnels motion and many more oversights that caused the choler of Mendoza. III. BEHAVIORAL ANALYSIS ( HOSTAGE TAKER AND CAPTIVE/S ) IV. MOTIVES IN THE INCIDENT Taking sureties has a long history as a method. with variable effectivity. of procuring grants from persons. administrations and authoritiess. More late. it has become a popular maneuver among terrorist administrations. Although the resiliency of persons should neer be underestimated. there is grounds that being taken surety can hold digesting effects. peculiarly on kids. Persons vary in how they cope with such an experience. both during and subsequent to it. The literature demonstrates that the research base is limited. and many of import inquiries remain to be answered. Hostage-taking is an country of clinical and scientific involvement. Apart from the demand to set up the most effectual post-incident intercessions for single sureties and their households. there are chances to develop farther penetrations into the kineticss and effects of unequal power relationships. V. PROBLEMS The ideal equipment of a SWAT squad more or less are as follows: communicating setup. armour waistcoat. helmets. gas mask. handguns. assault rifles for close one-fourth conflict. handlocks. synchronized tickers. field glassess. telescopes. dark vision goggles. buffeting random-access memories. ladders. ropes. stun grenades. tear gas. fume grenades. stick visible radiations. torchs. limelights. telescopic gun sights. hydraulic knuckleboness. bolt cutters. glass shutter explosives. fire asphyxiator. fireman’s ax. concatenation saw. SWAT new wave. baseball mitts. woodworking tools. acetylene torch and rain cogwheels. There was deficiency of equipment on the portion of Manila SWAT to manage the state of affairs. Although they had their basic arms such as their armour waistcoat ( the effectivity are already in deep inquiry ) . their rifles. handguns and Kevlar helmets but still by criterions. these are non equal to turn to the surety crisis state of affairs. It is really apparent that they were non even transporting with them torchs but all of the clip they were describing and kicking that the inside of the coach was dark. The deficiency of equipment already put the breaching operation into a via media. The component of surprise was gone that resulted into a stall that lasted for erstwhile thereby jeopardizing lives. The uncertainty sing the effectivity of their armour vest contributed to the apprehensiveness of the SWAT members to hotfoot inside the coach during the assault. The Manila SWAT was non merely ill-equipped but they were non trained in different sorts of state of affairss. In fact they had to practise on the really twenty-four hours of the surety state of affairs. The preparations of the Manila SWAT as provided by the Manila Police District are non updated and simulated operations were conducted. if of all time conducted. was a long clip ago. They don’t even cognize the consecutive Numberss of their guns at an instant question. They train on their ain personal history. Skill acquired through preparations diminishes after some clip and demands to be invariably updated. VI. PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF THE CRISIS MANAGEMENT TEAM VII. Decision The grounds presented for the decriminalisation are evidently overpowering. In a nutshell. by all criterions. Gen. Magtibay was an unqualified commanding officer. organiser and director. To exceed this off. he was besides grossly and recklessly insubordinate at a most important minute. One is tempted to set the whole incrimination on the surety fiasco upon him. if non for the every bit inexplicable oversights and indecisivenesss committed by both his higher-ups and work forces all throughout the surety crisis. specifically on scheme. intelligence. coordination. and deployment. But it is without inquiry that he carries the biggest answerability for the black and homicidal result of the surety crisis. As such. it stands to ground for the Senate and the House of Representatives to give decriminalisation of libel a opportunity. Honestly. as an person I got pissed off because those people tasked to manage the state of affairs didn’t do it by the book. First and foremost to be considered is the safety of the sureties which as viewed was neer the order of precedence of those people expected to salvage same. In all hostage-taking play that I’ve known. neutralizing the hostage-taker is no. 1 in the docket. which if ab initio done could hold prevented the slaughter. I merely hope this won’t go on once more. but if it does- merely neutralize the hostage-taker one time and the play will stop! It’s such a black and hideous event that the merely positive thing we get out of the experience is to larn something from it. From that Learn we have to our errors. . VIII. Recommendation The probe study besides recommended administrative or condemnable charges for 15 persons and organisations. including Manila city manager Alfredo Lim. Vice-Mayor Isko Moreno. ombudsmen Merceditas Gutierrez and Emilio Gonzales III. authorities undersecretary Rico J. Puno. retired Philippine National Police main manager general Jesus Verzosa. National Capital Region Police Office manager Leocadio Santiago Jr. . Manila Police District head overseer Rodolfo Magtibay. MPD surety negotiant Orlando Yebra. SWAT commanding officer Santiago Pascual. journalists Erwin Tulfo and Mike Rogas. and three broadcast medium webs. The IIRC recommended that an administrative instance be filed against negotiant constabulary Superintendent Orland Yebra and that possible condemnable liability should be determined. but the Palace merely recommended disregard of responsibility without any recommendation on possible condemnable instance. The IIRC besides recommended that Chief Inspector Santiago Pascual be held apt for gross incompetency and possible condemnable action. but the Palace affirmed the gross incompetency instance without recommendation for possible condemnable liability. The filing of administrative and condemnable instances against Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim. but Malacanang said that Lim should be held apt for simple disregard of responsibility and misconduct. Charges be filed against several personalities but the recommendation was revised when it reached Malacanang. IX. Reference1. First Report of the INCIDENT INVESTIGATION and REVIEW COMMITTEE on the August. 23. 2010 Rizal Park Hostage-taking Incident: Sequence OF EVENTS. EVALUATION and RECOMMENDATIONS. Incident Investigation and Review Committee. September 16. 2010. pp. 9–10. 16. 22. 24. 2. †Hong Kong criticizes managing of Manila surety crisis† . Reuters. August 23. 2010. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. reuters. com/article/2010/08/23/us-philippines-hostage-hongkong-idUSTRE67M35B20100823. Retrieved July 14. 2011. 3. Mair. John ; Blanchard. Ben ( August 24. 2010 ) . â€Å"Philippines defends handling of coach surety crisis† . International Business Times. 4. hypertext transfer protocol: //uk. ibtimes. com/articles/45880/20100824/philippines-defends-handling-

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Spanish Indirect-Object Pronouns

Spanish Indirect-Object Pronouns Spanish verbs can be accompanied by direct and indirect objects. A direct object is the noun or pronoun that the verb acts directly on, while an indirect object is the person affected by the action but not acted directly upon. So in a sentence such as I see Sam, Sam is the direct object of see because Sam is the object that is seen. But in a sentence such as I am writing Sam a letter, Sam is the indirect object. The item being written is letter, so letter is the direct object. Sam is the indirect object as one who is affected by the verbs action on the direct object. Spanish Differentiates Betweem Direct and Indirect Objects If youre learning Spanish, the distinction can be important to make because Spanish, unlike English, sometimes uses different pronouns for direct and indirect objects. It is also important to note that many Spanish sentences use indirect-object pronouns where a different construction is used in English. For example, me pintà ³ la casa would typically be translated as he painted the house for me. In fact, one sign of an indirect object in English is that it usually can be understood, to use me as an example, as for me or to me. For instance, he bought her the ring is the same as he bought the ring for her. In that first sentence, her is an indirect object. (The Spanish equivalent would be à ©l le comprà ³ el anillo.) Here are the indirect-object pronouns along with their English equivalents and examples of their uses: me - me - Juan me da una camisa. (John is giving me a shirt.)te - you (singular familiar) - Juan te da una camisa. (John is giving you a shirt.)le - you (singular formal), him, her - Juan le da una camisa a usted. (John is giving you a shirt.)  Juan le da una camisa a à ©l.  (John is giving him a shirt.)  Juan le da una camisa a ella.  (John is giving her a shirt.)nos - us - Marà ­a nos da unas camisas. (Mary is giving us some shirts.)os - you (plural familiar) - Marà ­a os da unas camisas. (Mary is giving you some shirts.)les - you (plural formal), them - Marà ­a les da unas camisas. (Mary is giving you some shirts, or Mary is giving them some shirts.) Note that the direct-object and indirect-object pronouns are identical in the first and second persons. Where they differ is in the third person, where the only indirect objects (except in what is usually considered substandard speech) are le and les. Using Indirect Objects in Special Cases As some of the above examples indicate, an indirect-object pronoun is used whenever a sentence includes an indirect object, even though a pronoun might not be used in English. A further clause can be added for clarity or emphasis, but, unlike in English, an indirect pronoun is the norm. For example, le escribà ­ could mean I wrote to him, I wrote to her or I wrote to you, depending on the context. To clarify, we can add a prepositional phrase, as in le escribà ­ a ella for I wrote to her. Note that le is still typically used, even though a ella makes it redundant. Both direct- and indirect-object pronouns are typically placed before conjugated verbs, as in the above examples. They can be (but dont have to be) attached to infinitives and present participles: Te voy a escribir una carta and voy a escribirte una carta (I am going to write you a letter) are both correct, as are le estoy comprando un coche and estoy comprndole un coche (I am buying him a car). In commands, direct and/or indirect objects are attached to affirmative commands but precede negative commands. Escrà ­beme (write me), but no me escribas (dont write me). Note that in affirmative commands and when attaching an object to a present participle, attaching the object at the end of the verb can result in an orthographic accent being needed to keep the stress on the correct syllable. If you have a direct object and an indirect object with the same verb, the indirect object comes first. Te las escribo. (I am writing them to you.) Sample Sentences Using Indirect-Object Pronouns Indirect objects are shown in these sentences in boldface. Object pronouns in regular type are direct objects or objects of prepositions. No le voy a dar el gusto a nadie de vencerme tan facilmente. (I am not going to give anyone the pleasure of defeating me so easily. A nadie is a redundant phrase; le remains necessary. The -me of vencerme is a direct object.) ¿Nunca me has visto beber algo ms que una copa de vino? (Have you never seen me drink more than one cup of wine? Beber here is an infinitive acting as a direct object.)Le construyeron un gimnasio para que pudiera ejercitarse. (They built him/her a gymnasium so he/she could exercise. Note that the indirect object here can apply to both males and females.)Queremos decirle a ella que ella forma gran parte de nuestras vidas. (We want to tell her that she makes up a big part of our lives. Que and the words following function as a direct object.)

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Q5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Q5 - Essay Example It involves inputting relevant data, company information, and knowledge from individuals in the decision making panel as well as business models to come up with solutions to problems facing the organization as well as important decisions for the organization (Power, 2002).   My organization applies the decision support systems often to acquire and conduct an analysis of data on turnover, budgets as well as sales forecasts. The marketing strategies are often updated whenever the analysis is performed using the decision support systems. The information that is gathered by the decision support systems include; records of the organization’s assets and data warehouses. There are also relational data sources as well as proportional information on sales in recurrent weeks. The systems also gather information on the organization’s revenue projections based on the assumptions made as regards the sale of new products. The decision support systems have the benefit of maintaining efficiency among the decision makers. They enhance decision making through speedy identification of problems as well as solutions. Moreover, interpersonal communication in the organization is enhanced. Control of the organization is enhanced, and it is possible for organizational learning and training of staff to be accomplished more easily. For the management to be credible as regards the decisions that are made in the organization, the decision support systems are needed to provide fresh evidence to uphold the decision. The organizational competitiveness is increased and also empowers the decision makers to explore and discover better strategies for accomplishment of organizational decision making. It is also a major step towards automation of the organizational management as well as introduction of new methods of thinking as regards problems facing